Building Talent for the Future of Work

Our Mission

Founded in 2019 in Singapore, Eskwelabs was conceived to make the future of work equitable and human-centred.

How we do it

Eskwelabs Learning Sprints supports this vision by combining best practices in online cohort-based courses with an empathetic and enthusiastic pool of talented coaches in the Philippines to make what is otherwise a cutting-edge and luxury learning experience accessible and affordable around the world

Our Values

How we design learning experiences


Designing empathic learning experiences that put people first

Authentic Connections

Humanizing digital skills and making tools and technology less scary by learning with peers

Passion for Impact

Optimizing for what is effective and what works with business impacts in mind

Our Solutions

Our online education programs  combine the best of project-based learning and cohort-based courses.

Our Leadership

With strong roots in cross-sector partnerships, we’re passionate about collaborating for impact.

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