The 10 Transcend Fellows Joining us at ASU+GSV Summit 2023
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The 10 Transcend Fellows Joining us at ASU+GSV Summit 2023

“Relationships aren’t separate from learning. They are the catalyst for meaningful learning.” This is our core belief, which is why we are excited to be part of the education innovation ecosystem at this year’s ASU+GSV Summit! We are joining as one of the global companies selected in the GSV Elite 200 representing the top early-stage startups in digital learning across the “Pre-K to Gray” space.

Our organization's growth has been intricately linked to our design philosophy of learning and growing together with a community. One of the communities that we love is the Transcend Network—an exclusive fellowship for early-stage founders building the future of learning and the future of work.

We’re thrilled to be joining these other Transcend Fellows at this year’s ASU+GSV Summit. Learn more about their work and the amazing work of the Transcend Network here.

10ten by JP L. (TF8)

Founded by JP L. in San Francisco in 2021, 10ten connects individuals aspiring to develop technical skills to experts that help them  jumpstart a technology based career. Through interactive projects and training,  learners develop their technical skills alongside a global learning and tech-centered community.

Bamboo Learning by Irina Fine (S21)

Irina Fine founded Bamboo Learning in 2018—pioneering “comprehension through conversation” and focusing on K-5 learning. The Bamboo Learning app is powered by voice-recognition AI that helps young children improve their speaking, fluency, and reading comprehension while also promoting active listening, broadening vocabulary, and boosting confidence. 

DEV.F by Manuel Morato (TF8)

DEV.F was founded by Manuel Morato in Mexico in 2014 with the goal of providing tech-centred skills development courses to their learners. On DEV.F, learners have access to a broad range of topics, including software development, UX/UI, data science, digital marketing, as well as a widespread learning community and events.

Edsy by Parith Thiengtham (TF9)

Edsy was founded by Parith Thiengtham in 2021—helping children develop their English skills through collaborative, interactive, and fun material. From Pokemon themed lessons to learning public speaking from Greta Thunberg, children are kept engaged while also enhancing their English skills.

Giant Leaps Learning by Michael Trezza (TF9)

Giant Leaps Learning was founded by Michael Trezza in 2020. On their platform, they provide one-on-one coaching for high school students, helping them develop skills that can help them succeed in their futures—career and life-wise. With lessons ranging from passions, to global issues and collaboration, learners are equipped with holistic skills appropriate for the 21st century.

Loop Academies by Marvin Tarawally (TF9)

Loop Academies, founded by Marvin Tarawally in 2019, works towards reimagining secondary education in Africa. The company works towards providing the African youth with skills for employment through software, experimental, and activity based-curriculum.

MedAngle by Mohammad Azib (S20)

MedAngle was founded in 2017 by Mohammad Azib and caters towards today’s medical students. MedAngle’s technology provides medical students an immersive digital learning experience that includes resources, cases, concepts, and lesson support, along with performance individualized statistics so students can monitor their performance.

Nao Now by Rachel Tobin (TF9)

Nao Now was founded by Rachel Tobin in 2020 with the goal of providing English language learners with immersive learning experiences. The platform matches students with US university mentors—aiming to not only equip their learners with English skills, but also with confidence, resilience, critical thinking, and creativity.

take2 by Kaushik N. (TF7)

MyTake2 was founded by Kaushik Narasimhan and Yaniv Shimoni in 2021 with the goal of making mid-career shifts the new normal. On their platform, candidates are provided with career transition options and job opportunities to help them make the shift.

And us: Eskwelabs by Aurelien Chu (W20) & Angela Chen-Delantar (EB1)

Eskwelabs was founded by Aurelien Chu and Angela Chen-Delantar. Designed around Eskwelabs’ values: being people-first, providing authentic connections, and having a passion for impact, Eskwelabs provides live cohort learning experiences for future of work skills. 

We’re excited to be joining fellow innovators from the Transcend Network at the ASU+GSV Summit this year. We will be at the Startup Expo on Tuesday April 18th at 4pm in the Grand Hall A. Come visit us at our booth and chat about the future of mastery-based learning, and what we're doing to make the future of learning even better. We can't wait to see you!