AI Strategy: A Pragmatic Guide for Team Leads
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AI Strategy: A Pragmatic Guide for Team Leads

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AI Strategy: A Pragmatic Guide for Team Leads

Are you a team lead looking to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) but overwhelmed by the hype? Cut through the noise with this pragmatic guide to integrating AI into your business strategy.

Who is it for: 

If you're a P&L leader, C-suite executive, or anyone with a role in shaping your organization's strategy, you've probably heard the buzz around AI. But how do you move beyond the hype to actually implement AI in a way that makes sense for your business? Join us virtually as we break down a comprehensive framework for making pragmatic AI decisions that can set your team on the path to success.

What can I expect to learn: 

How to approach the AI opportunity with a coherent strategy

What this is not for: 

  • We will not be doing a deep dive into the latest tools 
  • We won’t focus on personal productivity using AI
  • There won’t be hands-on practice for prompt engineering (offered in a different workshop)

The New Reality of AI:

AI is an accelerating reality. Unlike the old days where machine learning projects were expensive and time-consuming, today's generative AI can be deployed with minimal budgets and almost immediate time-to-value. So, what should your approach be? Large companies are either getting busy making announcements to launch new AI-driven features, or they are making bold moves to pivot towards AI. Most companies however, require a more coherent strategy which assess risk and return for adopting AI. With the release of ChatGPT Enterprise, many of the issues that companies were concerned about around privacy and security are starting to be addressed. 

A Gamified Framework for AI Leadership: 

Imagine you're a player in the most strategic game of your career, and the game board is your organization. To win the game, you need to harness AI’s powers to supercharge your team. 

You have different modes of play to choose from: "Optimize," "Accelerate," or "Transform."

  • Optimize Mode: Streamline your internal operations, making your team more efficient Accelerate Mode: Enhance what you offer to your customers, aiming for better product metrics
  • Transform Mode: Enter new markets or build entirely new products, adding new revenue streams and customers

The Superpowers of Generative AI:

Generative AI comes with 'superpowers' categorized into five major groups: generating content, synthesizing data, generating ideas, completing tasks, and conversational capabilities. These superpowers can be mapped against use cases based on their complexity and risk factors. So as you navigate through these different types of “gameplay” modes, you can leverage each of these 5 “superpowers”where you can map out your own workflows against those opportunities. 

So, are you ready to unlock the AI advantage in this gamified journey?

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